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Sports Injuries

Ankles sprains, MCL & ACL tears, calf strains, Achilles tendon pain or tears, shoulder dislocations, muscle contusions & bruises, fractures - only to name a handful of things that can go wrong when we are having fun doing a sport we love or are just trying to stay in shape!  The benefits of being physically active are huge but if you have injured yourself Stittsville Sport Physiotherapy is where you should come to get rid of the pain and work on preventing it from coming back.   The physiotherapists at our centre have many years of experience working with people involved in a wide variety of sporting activities from the weekend warrior to elite athletes.   We keep up to date on recent studies on topics of interest such as stretching, orthotics and exercise reviews to bring you the latest information from the scientific literature on what you should try to incorporate into your training.  We participate in sports medicine rounds and journal clubs with many of the top sports medicine physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and other physiotherapists in the region.  

If you are just starting out on a new exercise routine, identifying areas of potential weakness and working on these is helpful.  Many of us develop areas of tightness or weakness from activities or injuries we have had in the past.  This can sometimes lead to pain when we add new things to our life ie. changing jobs, starting to exercise, having a baby or increasing the intensity of an exercise we have been doing for years.  At Stittsville Sport Physiotherapy we can help you sort this out and get you moving.