What To Expect From One On One Physiotherapy Treatment

One on one physiotherapy treatment is a personalized physical rehabilitation approach that addresses a person’s individual needs and goals. Stittsville Sport Physio offers treatment through licensed physiotherapists to improve patient outcomes. Our clinic offers everything from physiotherapy for knee pain to post-operative rehabilitation. Here’s what you can expect from hands-on physiotherapy treatment:

Personalized Care

Physiotherapists can take time to understand clients’ individual needs when offering one on one physiotherapy. This can give you personalized care and improve your chances of seeing positive results quickly.

Stittsville Sport Physio believes that all patients are different, hence our focus on creating customized treatment plans. We start all our clients off with an assessment geared toward understanding their injuries and goals. Past injury history, postures, joints and muscles are assessed to determine where your pain is coming from.  This can help us to deliver more patient-focused care.

Education on anatomy and mechanics would be explained and a treatment plan with your goals in mind would be developed.

Reduced Pain

One on one physiotherapy may involve modalities for pain control but always involves therapeutic exercises designed to do more than treat the symptoms of your pain. Exercises developed during one on one physio can treat the underlying cause of your pain, allowing you to take control and lead a pain-free life.

Our physiotherapists use evidence-based methods like the McKenzie approach to help clients with pain. The McKenzie approach is one of our treatments approaches used for clients who need physiotherapy for back pain. This approach has proven successful in reducing back pain, so you can be sure you are getting the best information and treatment.

Increased Function

One on one physiotherapy can improve your stability, strength, and flexibility, enhancing your overall body function and quality of life. Since the treatment is individualized, your physiotherapist can focus only on the aspects you want to improve. For example, if you have an injury from a particular sport, you may need specific return to play activities to get you back to what you love safely. You can also undergo treatment focussed on helping you regain the ability to perform daily tasks, like getting up and down the stairs safely.

Stittsville Sport Physio gives much attention to strength and mobility training as improvements in these areas lead to less pain. Your physiotherapist will likely adjust your mobility and strength exercises as you progress to improve your function.

Reduced Risk of Re-Injury

Some people can struggle with recurring injuries because their treatments only focus on recovery. Your one on one physiotherapy can focus on future injury prevention. Your physiotherapist will likely recommend exercises to build flexibility and strength if there’s a high risk of re-injury. This means you can be less likely to continuously deal with the same injury. People who participate in sports can benefit from one on one treatment as they may be exposed to situations that can cause re-injury.

Stittsville Sport Physio runs evidence based programs that can be used in conjunction with your treatment plan to reduce the risk of future injuries. These programs include neuro-motor training, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) strategy, and the GLA:D program (Good Life With Osteoarthritis From Denmark). Our skilled physiotherapists can recommend the best option for you after assessing your current injury, re-injury risk, age, and pre-existing conditions if any.

One on One Physiotherapy Treatment Can Improve Your Quality of Life

One on one physiotherapy treatment can make managing your injury easier and lower the risk of injury recurrence. This is possible because one on one treatment can be geared toward a patient’s unique needs.

Stittsville Sport Physio offers physiotherapy assessment and treatment for all your injuries. Our physiotherapists are trained in evidence-based practices to help you feel better. Contact us today to resolve your pain.