What Is The Source Of Your Pain?


  • Take a full history
  • Observe how you move to see what makes you better and worse
  • Observe you in your own environment at home
  • We can see your injured/ painful area looking for signs of inflammation like swelling
  • We can provide new exercises for mobility and strength or progress an existing exercise program
  • We will guide you on administering self treatment soft tissue techniques
  • We will provide you with education about your condition
  • We will give you pain coping strategies
  • Together we will set goals with you and help track your progress

We can do just about everything we do when you come see us in the clinic but now with virtual/ video care you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home!

Daily activities can cause an injury and can

occur anywhere in your body

Your unique situation will bring you into see a physiotherapist

That is our challenge to solve.

What to expect during your

first appointment