When to See a Physiotherapist for Knee Pain

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Are you suffering from knee pain? It is time to see a physiotherapist? The knee joint is the largest weight-bearing joint in the body and is an important connection between your foot and hip with every step you take. Various factors can cause knee pain. If your knee pain is not improving or it is getting more severe you should see a physiotherapist.

Difficulty Coping with Your Pain

Our team of professionals helps you get back to doing what you love, like running or playing with your kids.

We have a wide range of treatments to choose from and we tailor our treatments to meet your needs.

Our physiotherapists are trained in all aspects of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. We offer expertise in complex knee injuries and provide evidence-based treatment plans, which can include:

  •  Friction massage or other soft tissue techniques
  • Ultrasound therapy if indicated
  • Joint mobilisation if your knee is stiff
  • Individualized exercises for you to gain full function and reduce your pain
  • Advice about activity modification while you heal for sports, work and home
  • Strategies for home management of pain such as use of ice or heat

You’ve Had Knee Pain For More Than a Week with No Imorovement

The knee is a complex joint affected by different conditions. If you injured your knee, it is normal to have pain and even swelling for 7-10 days afterwards. If the pain persists with little change you should visit our professional physiotherapists to have your knee assessed. Following your assessment you will have a good idea about the reason for your pain and be started on a program to get you moving again. If, following your assessment, your physio has questions for your family doctor they will let you know to also schedule an appointment with your doctor.

We evaluate your knee pain and recommend the right treatment plan. Our therapist recommends exercises that strengthen the muscles around your knees and will improve mobility in the joint.

Your Knees Have a Limited Range of Motion

If you can’t bend or straighten your knee fully, you should get help. If untreated, these limitations in motion may lead to long-term loss of motion of your knee and difficulty with day-to-day activities. Our physiotherapists have years of experience at identifying and treating knee stiffness and pain, so why wait?

You Feel a Lump on Your Knee Joint

If you feel a lump or bump at the back of your knee, it could be a Baker’s cyst which is one sign of osteoarthritis (OA) or arthritis. OA occurs when the cartilage in your knee joints starts to soften and the muscles around your knee have some loss of strength. Sometimes knee joint stiffness is part of the arthritis process as well. Our physiotherapists help you manage pain and stiffness. The evidence shows that exercise, including strengthening, is the best first line of treatment for arthritis. Exercise has been shown to  decrease pain and improving function in people with arthritis. We recommend exercises that strengthen muscles around your knees and provide you with knee pain treatment solutions.

Your Knees Make a Popping or Clicking Noise

If you hear a noise from your knees popping or clicking this is likely normal. If your knee is swollen due to an injury or osteoarthritis these noises may be more frequent but they usually are not a sign of major injury. 

Patellar tendonitis is an overuse injury that  occurs when the tendon connecting your kneecap to your shinbone becomes inflamed due to jumping, running or going down many stairs or long hills. 

At Stittsville Sport Physio, we will assess your specific injury, area of pain and activities to develop a treatment plan that’s just right for you.

Knee Pain Physio Treatment Solutions

If you are looking for a physiotherapist, we are here to help. Seek treatment early for your knee pain. If knee pain is making your daily activities difficult or stopping you from doing the sports you love get started on the road to recovery right away at Stittsville Sport Physio.

Our team of highly experienced physical therapists helps you manage your knee pain. We provide treatment options that are designed for your needs. The sooner we begin working together, the sooner you return to enjoying life free from knee pain.

At Stittsville Sports Physio, we have experienced physiotherapists who offer real-time knee pain physio treatment solutions. We guide you on the best exercise based on your assessment findings. Contact us and book your appointment today to begin your recovery.