Back Pain Relief With Physiotherapy

Back pain is one of the most common kinds of pain that people experience. If such pain causes you to miss out on activities that you enjoy, it’s time to speak to an expert about relief. Physiotherapy for back pain might be one part of your treatment plan to help you get back to the things you enjoy.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the same thing as physical therapy. A physiotherapist is trained to get your muscles and joints to moving, diagnose and treat pain. They might also prescribe and teach you exercises you can do at home. If addressing back pain, the goal of physiotherapy is to get you back to a healthy state so you can do what you love.

Should I consider physiotherapy for back pain?

What causes back pain?

Back pain happens for many reasons. Some of the most common are spending lots of time sitting, straining from repetitive motions, or as a result of a disease like arthritis. Back pain could also be caused by an injury, such as a fall. Activities of daily life can damage your intervertebral discs. These discs act like shock absorbers for your back and they sit directly in front of your spinal nerves. If they become overstretched or torn, they can put pressure on the root of your spinal nerves. This added pressure is one of the causes low back pain.

Can physiotherapy relieve my back pain?

A physiotherapist will assess your pain and range of movement to select suitable therapies and exercises. They will identify movements and positions to relieve your pain and heal your spinal discs. It’s important when addressing back pain to focus on healing the injury without causing further pain. At Stittsville Sport Physio, we utilize evidence-based practices to treat our patients. This means we combine current medical research and our years of expertise to come up with a treatment plan personalized to you.

What treatments are available for back pain?

Your therapist’s first priority is to reduce pain and heal your injury. They may use a diagnostic tool called the McKenzie Method to evaluate your range of motion and movement patterns. Based on that assessment, your therapist will provide strategies to manage your pain while you heal. Your therapist will lead you through a variety of strengthening and mobility exercises. Depending on your injury, your therapist may recommend massage therapy as well as physiotherapy. You will also be given exercises to do at home between therapy appointments.

What should I expect during my first physiotherapy appointment?

Your therapist will ask you more about your pain or injury. They will also take your full medical history. This will include information about your activity level, posture, and any past injuries or surgeries. Then they will give a full examination. Your therapist will observe your injury or painful area to see how you move. Such observations will help them identify areas that need strengthening. After assessing your health history and going through an examination, your therapist will determine the root cause of your pain. It is their goal to help you understand the reasons for your pain and make goals for recovery. Together you will make a treatment plan. From there you can schedule your next appointment. It’s time to address your back pain. Make an appointment with the team at Stittsville Sport Physio to start the process. Our therapists have over 20 years of experience in physiotherapy and can make a plan to start treating your pain today.