Knee Pain and Biking: What You Should Know

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Knee pain is common among cyclists. This is especially true if you have recently increased your training intensity or made a change to your riding set-up. If you experience knee pain after biking you may need physio treatment for your knee pain to reduce pain and inflammation and to work on any underlying strength or flexibility issues.

At Stittsville Sport Physio, we offer physiotherapy services to treat knee pain caused by biking. One of our team of physiotherapists will evaluates your injury  and create a personalized physiotherapy program that matches your needs. 

Different Types of Knee Pain and Their Causes

There are different types of knee pain after biking. Here are some of the types and their causes:

  • Outer Knee Pain: This occurs when you experience pain on the lateral side of your knee. It is caused by riding when your saddle is too low or too far forward.  One of the painful structures may be your iliotibial band.
  • Back of the Knee Pain: This is not very common and occurs if you overextend your knee. This pain is caused by riding when your saddle is too high. Lower your seat to make sure you can easily reach the saddle.
  • Inner Knee Pain: Pain on the medial side of your knee may be the result of your feet  not being correctly aligned, stress is imposed on the medial collateral ligament or other soft tissues, resulting in this pain. 

Physiotherapy Treat for Knee Pain

Physiotherapy is the best way to rehabilitate your knee when experiencing inflammation and pain. 

After one of our physios assess your knee pain, if they find strength issues or lack of flexibility in local muscles they will recommend specific exercises to address these potential problems. Your physio will  support you by setting personalized objectives and tracking your progress.

Stittsville Sport Physio provides online and in-person physiotherapy sessions if you have knee pain. We provide physio treatment solutions depending on the type of knee pain you are experiencing.

Physiotherapy Prevents Knee Pain

At Stittsville Sport  Physio we can use a specialty program focused on identifying movement issues that can cause knee pain when biking.

The Function Movement Screening (FMS) is a screening tool that aims to identify areas of weakness and loss of movement that may predict future injury in some people. It uses movement patterns such as deep squats, and active leg raises that highlight balance and mobility problems. 

Try Knee Pain Physio Treatment Solutions

If you are experiencing knee pain from cycling, you should seek early treatment. Your physiotherapist will determine your type of knee pain and devise an effective treatment program. A well-tailored physiotherapy program not only treats knee pain but also aims to prevent future recurrences 

Stittsville Sports Physio has a team of physical therapists to manage your knee pain. We provide knee pain physio treatment solutions designed to meet your needs. Contact us to book your physiotherapy appointment today.