How Our Physiotherapists Evaluate Your Back Pain

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If you are experiencing back pain due to an injury or arthritis, physiotherapy can help reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and restore movement in the affected areas. At Stittsville Sport Physio, we offer physiotherapy for back pain. We analyze the source of your pain to identify positions and activities that will reduce discomfort as your body heals.

Biomechanical Assessment

We’ll assess the area of pain or injury to determine the cause of low back pain. Every person is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all treatment to get you back to your routine, sports and hobbies.

The focus of the treatment our physiotherapists provide is on each individual and is based on what we discover during their assessment. Here is what to expect during your first visit:

Greeting: You’ll check in with our receptionist, and your physiotherapist will meet you and direct you to a private assessment room.

Interview: Your physiotherapist will interview you to get a detailed history of your current issue or injury. They will also discuss past surgeries or injuries, frequent work-related positions and postures, and home and sports activity requirements.

Examination: The physical therapist will do a biomechanical assessment of your injury to identify areas that may benefit from mobilization, strengthening, and postural correction. They will also conduct a mobility examination to observe your movements through your painful area.

Explanation: Your physiotherapist will attempt to identify the source of your back pain after your assessment. Current evidence on the treatment of low back pain is less focused on the specific tissue (joint, muscle, tendon, disc) that is the source of pain and more focused on the movements that help relieve pain and allow your tissues time to heal.  Your physiotherapist will create an individualized treatment plan to help with recovery.

Treatment: Treatment will begin at the end of your assessment with the prescription of a home program.  Depending on your symptoms and the intensity of your pain, your physiotherapist will also provide some education about use of ice or heat and mobility exercises to improve your pain.  Your therapist will arrange follow-up visits to treat your injury. They will also recommend home exercises to help with the recovery process.

Follow-up Visits: During follow-up treatment appointments, you will be reassessed and asked how your pain is changing.  Our physios will review and modify your home program as needed to optimize its effect.  What you do each day, when you are not at physiotherapy, is very improtant.

Our physiotherapists also conduct video/virtual physio sessions. If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home or traveling is not an accessible option, this would be an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of physiotherapy.

During a virtual/ video session, we’ll observe your movements to learn what makes you worse and better. We’ll identify the painful or injured area by observing signs of inflammation, such as swelling.

Our physiotherapists will recommend exercises for strength and mobility just like they would during an in-person appointment. They will also advise you on administering self-treatment soft tissue techniques and provide you with pain-coping strategies.

How Physiotherapy Can Help With Back Pain

If you have persistent back pain, a physiotherapist can devise a customized exercise program to relieve the pain. Manual therapy, such as mobilization and manipulation, can be helpful.

Improving functionality and relieving pain can get you back to working and enjoying life more quickly. The more active you are, the less likely it is that you’ll experience back pain.

There are no “one size fits all” exercises that work for everyone. Our physiotherapist will assess you and recommend an individualized treatment plan based specifically on your history, assessment findings and needs.

Get Physiotherapy for Back Pain From Stittsville Sport Physio

At Stittsville Sport Physio, we offer physiotherapy for back pain. Our physiotherapists treat conditions and injuries using an evidence-based approach to improve the quality of your life. Together we’ll create treatment goals and work with you as you progress. Book your appointment today to resolve your back pain.