What Is Iliopsoas Syndrome?

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Iliopsoas syndrome causes pain or stiffness in the hip and can prevent you from participating in certain physical activities. Stittsville Sport Physio can help you manage the condition by offering physiotherapy for hip pain. With our help, you can regain control over your life and return to doing what you love. 

Understanding Iliopsoas Syndrome 

Iliopsoas syndrome is a condition that affects the iliopsoas muscle, making it hard for you to bend your hip. The iliopsoas muscle is made up of the iliacus and psoas major. These muscles allow you to bend your hip, lift your upper leg towards your torso, and move your torso towards your thigh. 

While the muscles originate from different points (the iliacus starts at the hip bone while the psoas begins at the spine), they both end at the upper part of the thigh bone. 

You may be at risk of developing the syndrome if you frequently run, dance, jump, or do gymnastics, as these activities involve repeated hip flexion movement.

Iliopsoas Syndrome Diagnosis 

Physiotherapy professionals can determine whether you have iliopsoas syndrome by assessing your symptoms. Common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the thigh or hip.
  • Tenderness in the groin area.
  • A clicking sensation in the front of the hip. 

Our therapists conduct an interview during the first appointment to better understand your symptoms and lifestyle. During your assessment, they may ask about your physical activities, past injuries, and symptoms. This can help us diagnose iliopsoas syndrome and create a personalized treatment plan. 

We can also diagnose iliopsoas syndrome based on a biomechanical assessment of your injury.  A hip and low back examination can help us identify areas that need strengthening and we can create an effective treatment plan for you. 

Stittsville Sport Physio sets itself apart by involving clients in every diagnosis and treatment planning step. Following your assessment your therapist will explain your pain and its source so you can determine recovery goals and create a treatment plan together.  It is important to schedule follow-up treatment sessions to monitor your symptoms and to progress your program properly for a full recovery. 

Iliopsoas Muscle Pain Treatment 

Physical therapy can help you manage your iliopsoas muscle pain. Your therapist may recommend acupuncture or dry needling or other modalities for pain control. Gentle range-of-motion and stretching exercises are often a part of the treatment. Strength exercises are given depending on where weaknesses are found, in order to regain functional strength and to prevent re-occurances. 

Stittsville Sport Physio offers in-person treatment sessions for clients who can visit our clinic. We also offer video physiotherapy sessions for anyone unable to attend the physical sessions.  

Seek Physiotherapy for Hip Pain

Your hip pain could be a result of iliopsoas syndrome. One on one appointments with our registered physiotherapists can help you manage your pain and improve your function.

Stittsville Sport Physio can help you regain your active lifestyle by managing your iliopsoas muscle pain. Our physiotherapists will educate you on your condition and create a treatment plan based on your recovery goals. Contact us today to start your recovery journey.