Specialty Programs

Stittsville Sport Physio offers specialty programs, which are helpful in zeroing in on a specific movement problem that may predispose you to injury or may be prolonging your recovery.

Our specialty services are available for:

  • New or existing patients
  • A team wanting to implement an ACL Injury Prevention Program
  • Those who need an FMS screen for their home organization
  • For university/college coaches

Studies have shown that FMS is an effective injury prevention strategy gaining popularity with many professional and varsity teams. This proactive screen is not sport specific. Seven functional movement patterns are assessed. Many skilled athletes can hide flaws with small compensations on the field. The FMS brings these flaws to light.

Individual corrective exercises are given to address the problem areas, proactively heading off future injury. Screens can be repeated to look for improved scores and also be used as a baseline tool for return to play decisions.

The FMS can be helpful to enhance performance for ANY sport, activity level or age.

YBT can be used on its own as a quick test to determine if there is an upper and/or lower quadrant problem with the combination of strength, flexibility, neuromuscular, core stability, range of motion, balance, and proprioception. A problem will be easily noted, identifying if you would benefit from the FMS in order to give personal corrective exercises. Y-balance testing could be quickly used to help with return to play decisions.

Neuro-motor training has been widely researched and proven to be an effective means for lower extremity injury prevention. Neuro-motor programs that have demonstrated positive results have included: balance, strength, plyometrics and a professional knowledgeable in proper mechanics to give feedback.

The most successful neuro-motor training programs are implemented at least two times per week, for a duration of 6 weeks.

ACL Injury Prevention Program includes the latest research on neuro-motor training and how to implement the positive findings. This program, as it was presented to West Ottawa Soccer Club, included an education component on anatomy and biomechanics for coaches along with the neuro-motor exercises to be incorporated into team warm-ups.

FIFA 11+ includes the neuro-motor exercises for soccer athletes.

If you are in your 40’s to early 60’s and have noticed a little stiffness in your knees or hips or have a bit of an “unsure” feeling going down the stairs first thing in the morning then this evidenced based program utilizing components of a good neuromotor training may be for you.

The GLA:DTM program includes education sessions about osteoarthritis (OA) in the two joints most affected by OA, the hip and knee. The individualized group exercise sessions will be twice a week for 6 weeks. A certified physiotherapist instructor runs each session giving feedback on proper mechanics and exercise progressions.

Outcomes, including pain, function and quality of life, are entered into the GLA:DTM National database prior to the initial session, at 3 months and 12 months following the program.

Thousands of people in Denmark with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis have participated in GLA:DTM. Results from their GLA:DTM database showed:

  • Most experienced less pain, (with fewer taking pain relievers and 1 in 3 stopping all pain medication)
  • Had better physical function and a better quality of life

These positive results were noted immediately finishing the program AND 1 year later! We are hoping to have similar results in Canada!

The GLA:DTM program is a cost-effective way to implement a proven individual exercise based program for arthritis and see results. The best part is it teaches you how to treat yourself!

Following an assessment your physiotherapist will let you know if this is the recommended course of action to help you improve your stiff or painful joint.

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